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Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham Hindi movie online

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Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham Hindi Movie Online

- Amitabh Bachchan, Jaya Bachchan, Shahrukh Khan and Kajol. Directed by Karan Johar. Music by Jatin-Lalit. 2001 Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham Hindi Movie Online.

Posted Aug 24 2011 @ 01:24 am

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Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham hindi movie online

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Comments for Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham Hindi Movie Online.

Pri I.

Mar 11 2012 @ 01:21 am

Amazing movie! Must watch!

Rahul K.

Apr 26 2012 @ 01:06 am

One of The Best Movies!!! SRK Is Just To Good!!!

Rahul K.

May 19 2012 @ 02:48 am

One of the best hindi movies!! ever!!

Dilara C.

Jul 03 2012 @ 08:38 pm

Best movie ever

Chinwe I.

Jul 12 2012 @ 09:31 pm

Beautiful ending. Another great performance by Shahrukh Khan, Amitabh and they cast

Rox X.

Jul 20 2012 @ 04:56 am

These are the best cast in Bollywood! Second time of seing this movie; and I'm sure that I'll see it again,

Yal Y.

Jul 27 2012 @ 01:46 am

SRK you just shine like a star from all the cast here!! You prove it every year over and over again that: SRK IS SIMPLY THE BEST!!

Afsana A.

Jul 30 2012 @ 02:06 pm

Awsome! Except Kareena looks ugly. LMFAO

Zenobia G.

Aug 10 2012 @ 08:56 pm

tremenda pelicula me encanto y los actores fabulosos gracias por crear esta pagina estoy encantada saludos

Kinneh B.

Nov 24 2012 @ 12:32 am

Awesome!!! movie , this movie is the best movie ever!!

Lianna T. [ PREMIUM USER ]

Jan 04 2013 @ 08:50 pm

beautiful display of a fathers love and a sona devtion

Harriette A.

Jan 06 2013 @ 11:32 am

watched it many time.Great movie

Banares H.

Jan 27 2013 @ 06:07 am

This is very borin lol it is fantastic

Marsha T.

Feb 09 2013 @ 09:26 pm

Brilliant acting, very talented cast, Shahrukh and Kajol beautifully paired, wonderful songs, Hrithik Roshan acting well, dancing great. Story moving. Lovely ending. Great movie!

Romika M. [ PREMIUM USER ]

Feb 10 2013 @ 10:17 pm

My favorite movie ever :)Karan Johar's movies are the best.

Aravind T. [ PREMIUM USER ]

Feb 21 2013 @ 04:45 pm

The movie is taking such a long time to load and buffer. Its worst than it beacuse of my internet speed r the movie itself

Lianna T. [ PREMIUM USER ]

Feb 27 2013 @ 04:36 am

what happened to the english subtitles I watch this this am and now I don;t have subtitles?

Einthusan V. [ ADMIN ]

Feb 27 2013 @ 05:25 pm

Most problems can be fixed by downloading Google Chrome web browser and the latest version of flash player. Our technical team has been notified, thank you for your feedback.

Robert C.

Mar 06 2013 @ 04:27 am

no subtitles please fix

Lianna T. [ PREMIUM USER ]

Mar 09 2013 @ 01:58 am

still no subtitles even after adding chrome and my flash player are up to date a lot of the movies loaded in 2011 and before have lost subtitles plz fix

Lianna T. [ PREMIUM USER ]

Mar 12 2013 @ 07:32 am

thank you so much for fixing the CC link this is one of my favorite movies Thank you

Katharina S.

Mar 13 2013 @ 01:17 pm

great movie


Mar 30 2013 @ 06:56 am

Third-time watching this movie and every-time I cry. Def. one of the best movies ever! Karan Johar has created a master-piece! SRK, Big B, Ms. J. B, Kajol, HR, KK...great job!!

Munni M.

Apr 17 2013 @ 09:43 pm

Man.! only if Kajol and Srk were real life couples...!

Amanda S.

Apr 18 2013 @ 08:05 pm

How do I get subtitles

Munni M.

Apr 22 2013 @ 12:02 am

I watched it like 30 times....i cant stop watching it...! i love it..! only if Kajol and Srk were real life couples...! Love IT.! <3

Laurie W. [ PREMIUM USER ]

Apr 25 2013 @ 01:09 am

This was one of the first hindi movies I ever saw, I forgot how much I loved it. Still one of the best ever. What a story, what great performances. I sob every time. Love this!


May 29 2013 @ 04:16 pm

A Must See. "A" List of Indian Cinema films.

Jay P.

Jun 22 2013 @ 06:51 pm

khiloni loves this movie so much.

Jay P.

Jun 22 2013 @ 06:52 pm

Khiloni Patel from chicago loves this movie so much.

Jay P.

Jun 22 2013 @ 06:53 pm

Khiloni Patel loves this movie so much.

Subash B.

Jul 17 2013 @ 10:54 pm

it not only SRK their are all other brilliant actor and actress

Subash B.

Jul 17 2013 @ 10:55 pm

it's not only SRK their are all other brilliant actor and actress

Radhika J.

Sep 12 2013 @ 06:00 pm

best srk film ever!! <3

Sweety O.

Oct 20 2013 @ 11:41 am

my fav movie .. one of d best movies ever seen


Dec 23 2013 @ 05:46 am

So, this is about the seventh-time I've seen this movie, and still love it. I'm sure I'll see it again....just can't get enough of it!

Latha R.

Jan 30 2014 @ 07:12 pm

greattttttttttttttttttttttt movie

Aureeg I.

Feb 01 2014 @ 02:08 pm

This Is My All-Time FAVOURITE Movie!

Aureeg I.

Feb 01 2014 @ 02:21 pm

I Luv Kareena's Appearance

Lianna T. [ PREMIUM USER ]

Apr 09 2014 @ 08:44 pm

why are the movies lagging so bad in fact the whole site seems to be lagging

Miriam H.

May 07 2014 @ 05:59 pm

no subtitles!? :-(


Jun 13 2014 @ 04:46 pm

The best!!!

David B.

Jul 14 2014 @ 03:10 am

King Khan! Always love SRK! OMG! Rani almost knocked me out of my chair! Love, love her! Really enjoyable movie! Great perfomances, and wonderful story! 4 Stars!

Carmen A.

Aug 05 2014 @ 12:02 am

another great movie of shahrukh khan and the besties gotta love you srk and all in this movie

Nisha F.

Aug 22 2014 @ 03:57 pm

This movie is fantastic I love this movie

Nour M.

Aug 27 2014 @ 01:31 pm

best movie i ever saw in my life, the story is really exciting, the skript is perfect, funny, stunning, emotional and piercing. moreover srk and kajol are the best movies couple!!

Vigunthaan T. [ PREMIUM USER ]

Aug 27 2014 @ 05:38 pm

Absolutely loved this movie - an emotionally gripping ride for 3.5 hrs! Amazing performances from the lead cast: SRK, Kajol. Hrithik, and Kareena. Don't miss it - a must watch!

Margaret L.

Aug 29 2014 @ 09:07 pm

Wonderful, beautiful, amazing, emotional film. Superb just too much crying

Carmen A.

Oct 21 2014 @ 03:09 am

every time i see this movie makes me happy then makes me cryi love this movie dilse i love srk

Rubel M.

Dec 28 2014 @ 07:13 pm

No subtitles

Huriana R.

Jan 08 2015 @ 03:04 pm

beautiful performance from start to finish and the storyline was sad with an amazing ending love the movie:].

Salamatu B.

Jan 22 2015 @ 10:18 pm

Can you please put a subtitle on kuch kuch hota hai and kabi kushi kabi glam thank you